DRIOCO Partnership

A Chinese clothing company owned by Shuai Lee AKA Shuai so serious

“I’ve worked with Incubax for quite some time, I came for photography at the start. Then, got hooked on the edgy promo videos for my sponsors and the clean photos for my Taobao fashion store.”

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ROI Breakdown

Incubax has provided Drioco with branding, marketing, and content creation.

Some of the accomplishments that Incubax has established during the contract: 

  •  Increasing exposure and Sales of apparel 
  •  Created a full design layout for DrioCo Taobao store. 
  • Increased sales by 300% in 6 months.


  • DrioCo (Shuai Lee)


  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Content Creation


  • Product images
  • Website content


  • Social Media Marketing

Main Pages

Checkout all the photos we worked on with DrioCo. Here is a collage of all images we took of the products that are used on international shopping sites such as YOYCART, Shopee, Taobao, and Weibo.