JT Partnership

JT jr is a football player. Fitness model & influencer from San Diego California.

“Creating content is one thing but creating a seamless social media management schedule is my all time favorite, as they allowed me to be focused on my craft while they handled shooting, editing and posting content.”

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Incubax has provided JT jr with branding, marketing, content creation & social media management over the span of 3 months. some of the Milestones that Incubax has established during the contract.

  • Higher audience reach and follower count.
  • Created over 200 pieces of content in a span of 2 months.
  • Incubax facilitated a sponsorship deal for JT jr with GO REAL DEAL.
  • CLient

    • JT


    • DIgital Marketing


    • 50 Youtube Videos
    • BodyBuilding Course
    • 300 Social Media Posts


    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing


    Main Pages

    Checkout all the features and implementation of the app and website we developed in action.Here is a Collage of all the work we did for Jay Cutler starting from UI and UX design to developing and marketing it.